Friends of Eberbach


The Friends of Eberbach is an organization that celebrates the shared history, community and friendship between Eberbach, Germany and Ephrata, PA.  Its mission is to enrich the relationship between the two sister-cities. This is primarily accomplished through promoting visits and continued communication between the two towns and their surrounding locales.  The history of the sister-cities dates back to 1720 when Conrad Beissel, a native of Eberbach, emmigrated to Pennsylvania and settled in what is now Ephrata.  He and his followers founded the Ephrata Cloister


Mission Statement

The Friends of Eberbach shall maintain and expand the Sister-City relationship established in 1976 between the Borough of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, USA and the city of Eberbach, Germany.  The relationship energizes our historic connection with the birthplace of Conrad Beisel, founder of the Ephrata Cloister, and fosters international understanding and friendship through exchange experiences in education, art, music, athletics, hosting and economic endeavors.


We owe a tremendous "Thank You" to Eberbach photographer Andreas Held for the stunning photographs depicted here and on the home page.  If you wish to see more of his work or purchase one of his calendars of Eberbach, you can visit his website.

Photo: © Andreas Held,